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TV Chair

The most luxurious seating experience.


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Wallpad Touch

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Top 10 Must-See Music Documentaries

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There are countless films based on the successes and struggles faced by musicians in the music industry. Here’s a list of the most eye-opening, shocking, insightful and inspiring documentaries every music lover must see. Click a title to play it…


10 Cover Songs that top the originals

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Cover songs are mainly about one artist paying homage to another and showing admiration for their work. Now and again however the revamp turns out to be an even bigger hit. Here are our top ten cover songs that either…


Happy Birthday Eminem!

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The widely considered global god of rap, Eminem, turns 42 today. To celebrate we have a playlist of his top 10 latest hits straight from his official YouTube Vevo channel. Along with his extensive career in rapping, record producing, songwriting…