Advanced Primitive Music – Trance Untes

By January 10, 2014Music

By Carlos Sánchez Urbano

Trance Untes is a group of unconventional musicians from Madrid that are quite difficult to categorise yet definitely worth discovering. They produce a truly impressive sound and their concerts are real dance therapy. You will hear trance, house, techno, progressive, primitive, ethnic, psychedelic and more with instruments from all corners of the globe.
Daniel, Mito, Juan, Carlos and Javier are as far from the conventional as you can get, with origins that are just as diverse. They casually banded together in 2010 to form Trance Untes and from the very beginning they were clear on the fact that they’d make completely unique music. They describe their sound as “Advanced Primitive Music” yet their rhythms have the sophistication of a good jazz jam session. After several concerts all over Spain and a tour in South Africa and Mozambique, the band launched its first album in 2013 titled “Playing”.

The combination of Didjeridoo (Australia), the Harmonium (India) and the Timbla (Mozambique) or midi guitar result is a very rich sound which can only be described as intoxicating. One thing that is certain, after seeing their live performance, you know you are definitely not listening to a pop group. Their concerts are designed more as a music session than a repertoire of songs. This is party music that would be at home on any dance floor – universal music with a rhythm that everyone understands.
Their goal is quite simple: to make you dance! Music and dance as a therapy in its most primitive sense – reaching, through a state of trance, a physical and mystical communion that heals the spirit. They are Gurus of the Temples of Dance.

Daniel Salorio: Harmonium, Carcasheps, Hang, Spring
Mito: Bass
Juan Laguna: Dijeridoo & Drums
Carlos Leal: Midi guitar & Guitars
Javier Catiñeiras: Drums

Trance Untes are our #SundaySessions for this week. Click here for their playlist.

For more information on TranceUntes, see their: Website, SoundCloud, Facebook and Twitter.