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C5 on your Apple Watch – Update 4.6

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Our last update brought you integration with C1, our new music recognition app, got rid of in-app purchases and incorporated all your ‘Players’ into one convenient pop out window. Now with this latest update we bring you support for the Apple Watch!

Any of you lucky enough to actually have an Apple Watch will now be able to control your Big Screen experience directly from your wrist. At the time of writing there are over 3,500 apps available for the Apple Watch and C5 is the only one that gives you DLNA/Chromecast support!


Once C5 is launched on your iPhone you can take full control of your stereo system, TV or home cinema directly from your watch. You can also use all the normal controls such as volume, fast forward, pause, skip and rewind.

The Apple Watch is still in its infancy and doesn’t offer an awful lot of software, so things can’t get too clever, without reverting back to your iPhone. So for the moment we offer you Music and DLNA/Chromecast support – our other medias – Radio, Video, Photos, Streaming with Rdio and Deezer – will be coming very soon!


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C1 – Lightning Fast Music Discovery

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From the developers of C5, the definitive Big Screen music & entertainment app, comes the new, lightning fast music discovery app, C1 – a serious competitor for the likes of Shazam and SoundHound. Lightning fast is no exaggeration either. C1 is a dedicated music discovery app that has no other functions to slow it down! C1 will catch and store all your music searches, even when you’re offline! Just tap the C1 button to instantly identify music. Check out related videos from your discoveries and all the latest artist news. The stylish and minimalist interface makes for an engaging, uncomplicated experience. C1 works alone or connects with C5 for the full Big Screen musical experience. Available in 12 languages.

C1 Features

• Lightning fast music recognition
• Stores your searches in History
• Works offline and reveals searches once you have internet again
• Provides related videos for each search
• Displays links to related news on artists
• Stylish & minimal interface is very easy to use
• Free to download!
• For iPhone & iPad. Available in 12 languages.

More about C1

C1 connects with C5

C5 is more than 5 apps in 1 – you can enjoy Music, Radio, Video, Music Streaming, Photos, DLNA/Chromecast/Airplay/Bluetooth
• All your C1 searches are also stored in C5.
• Play your discoveries with Rdio or Deezer
• Watch your discoveries on the Big Screen using DLNA / Chromecast /Airplay
• Share your musical finds with your friends via email, SMS, WhatsApp, Facebook or Twitter
• A button on both apps makes for instant, easy connection

More about C5

Download the press release:

Of Monsters and Men – Crystals

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The unique Icelandic group Of Monsters and Men are back on the scene with their latest single Crystals. The lyric video, directed by Tjarnargatan, lets us take a front row seat to the passions of life, love and tribulation seen through the eyes of a gruff old man; told to us by his expressions in a black and white empty landscape.

It’s such a simple concept for a video, but really quite genius, when you realise how strongly the audience connects to what they are seeing, hearing and reading. It’s such a great combination to accompany such a meaningful song.

Crystals is taken from the groups forthcoming album Beneath the Skin, set to be released June 8 via Universal Music. In addition they will be releasing a deluxe version featuring two other brand new songs as well as a Grizzly Bear remix of their album track Black Water. That’s the one we’ll be getting as soon it comes out, for sure. Love us a bit of deluxe!

Beneath the Skin Tracklist
1. ‘Crystals’
2. ‘Human’
3. ‘Hunger’
4. ‘Wolves Without Teeth’
5. ‘Empire’
6. ‘Slow Life’
7. ‘Organs’
8. ‘Black Water’
9. ‘Thousand Eyes’
10. ‘I of the Storm’
11. ‘We Sink’

Deluxe Edition
12. ‘Backyard’
13. ‘Winter Sound’
14. ‘Black Water (Chris Taylor Of Grizzly Bear Remix)’

To watch this video in Creation 5, tap here.

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The Apple Watch – everything you need to know

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Yesterday (March 9), Apple gave the world a second taste of their most personal device yet, the Apple Watch. Much has changed since their September event, so here’s a final look before the Apple Watch goes on sale on April 24, 2015.

When can I buy the Apple Watch?

Apple confirmed the official launch date will be April 24 for Australia, Canada, China, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Japan, the United Kingdom and the United States.

You can pre-order your Apple Watch starting April 10.

The Watch Reimagined

Sport Edition, Apple Watch and Edition – what’s the difference?

The Apple Watch has many different pricing options – big or small? Aluminum, stainless steel or gold? Plastic, leather or metal bands? Bare with us as we break it down:

Apple Watch Sport Edition

The Apple Watch Sport Edition is their lowest-tier smart watch. It’s made of a special anodized aluminum that is said to be 60% stronger than a standard alloy and has a shatter-resistant Gorilla Glass screen.

Apple Watch Sport – Aluminum

You can get the Sport Edition in silver or space gray, in both 38mm and 42mm screen sizes. Only the Sport Strap is compatible with the Sport Edition, which comes in a wide range of colors.

The Apple Watch Sport Edition goes on sale for $350 for the 38mm, and $400 for the 42mm screen size. The Sport Strap is included in the price, but is available for $50 separately.

Apple Watch

The Apple Watch is Apple’s mid-tier option, which is made of Apple’s own cold-forged stainless steel, said to be 80% harder than normal stainless steel, and scratch-resistant Sapphire Crystal.

Apple Watch – Steel

The Apple Watch is available in polished silver and glossy Space Black, again in 38mm and 42mm screen sizes. Every strap will fit the Apple Watch, which gives you plenty of options. The Apple Watch goes on sale for $550-$1050 for the 38mm, and $600-$1100 for the 42mm, depending on which strap you choose.

If you’re in the mood for a different strap, you can purchase them individually:
Sport band: $50
Leather loop, Classic buckle or Milanese loop: $150
Modern buckle: $250
Link Bracelet: $450

Apple Watch Edition

Yes, this is the 18-karat gold one. The 18-karat gold was developed specifically by Apple and is said to be twice as hard as standard gold. The Edition comes with the same Sapphire Crystal scratch-resistant screen, and will be available in limited quantities in select countries.

Apple Watch Edition – Gold

The Apple Watch Edition is available in 18-karat rose gold or 18-karat yellow gold, in both 38mm and 42mm. The Apple Watch Edition starts at $10,000, and based on Apple’s online store, stretches up to $17,000.

How do I navigate the Apple Watch?

The Apple Watch has several inputs.

Digital Crown

The Digital Crown is exactly what it’s name implies, instead of setting the time like a crown does on a watch, it controls the Apple Watch’s interface. It reminds us of the classic iPod’s click wheel. Press the crown to wake the watch, displaying the time. Pressing the crown once more brings you to the app screen. Zoom in and out by turning the crown, and tap on an app to launch it.

The Digital Crown has app-specific functions, like zooming in Apple’s Maps app, as can the Photos app.

Force Touch

Force Touch is Apple’s new pressure-sensitive touchscreen. Electrodes around the display allow it to distinguish a hard press from a tap. This allows a wide range of extra functions without cluttering the interface.


Apple’s Siri can also be used on the Apple Watch. The most obvious use is replying to text messages – you can use a default reply, tap on an impossibly small keyboard or simply dictate a message for Siri, without ever pulling out your iPhone. You can also use it to ask for information about local cinemas, traffic, and more.

Contacts button

There’s an extra button under the Digital Crown. This pulls up your contact list, and has different functions based on the app you’re using.

What does the Apple Watch do?

Several first- and third-party apps will ship with the Apple Watch. The watch is designed to work as an extension to your iPhone, not replace it. The Music app will let you play music from your watch’s local library or your iPhone’s using the watch’s speaker. Most of the default iPhone applications will be available on the Watch as well.

Third-party apps include Facebook, the Nike+ Running app tracking your activity, Dark Sky for weather forecasting. Ebay will let you purchase things from your wrist.

The Apple Watch will also be NFC-enabled, allowing you to pay with Apple Pay. Apple has also claimed that the watch will eventually replace your car keys and hotel room keys.

How does it connect to my iPhone?

Apple’s latest iOS update (8.2) released today includes a new Apple Watch companion app. You can access the watch-specific App Store, set reminders, create automatic responses to messages, and much more.

It’s been confirmed that the Apple Watch requires an iPhone to work. Without the companion app, no changes can be made to the watch.

How does the watch work as a fitness tracker?

Apple’s Fitness app uses the built-in heart rate monitor, your iPhone’s GPS and an accelerometer to monitor your activity throughout the day. During a heavy workout, the watch can be used to show specific information on the intensity of your workout.

Apple Watch + Christy Turlington Burns

The core of the Fitness app are the “Rings”: the move ring, the exercise ring and the stand ring. These are all designed to make you sit less and move more.

The move ring determines how active you actually are during the day. The exercise ring tracks your exercise, and is completed when you spend 30 minutes exercising. Lastly, the stand ring monitors how long you’ve been sitting, and regularly reminds you to stand up and stretch.

The dedicated fitness app lets you set how fast you want to run, how far or for how long. You can set daily calorie goals, and earn awards that are shown on your iPhone’s fitness tracker.

The Apple Watch was originally meant to ship with a wide array of health sensors. Due to many obstacles during development, these were ultimately dropped.

How long does the battery last?

The Apple Watch’s battery is supposedly meant to last 18 hours, or up to 72 hours on “Power Reserve” mode. In Power Reserve mode, the watch will no longer show notifications, and lose functionality. This mode will turn on by default when the battery reaches 10% charge.

The Apple Watch has a claimed life of up to 3 hours of talk time, 6.5 hours for Bluetooth audio playback, 7 hours of workout with the heart rate sensor on and 48 hours of timekeeping.

The charging times are listed as 1.5 hours from 0%-80%, and 2.5 hours from 0%-100%. The tests are based off 45 minutes of app usage and a 30-minute workout with music playing over Bluetooth, including 90 time checks and 90 notification views over the course of 18 hours.

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Cast away! with Update 4.4

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We’re really excited about our latest update for many reasons, but the biggest reason for our childish levels of anticipation is the fact that you can cast anything – music, radio, videos, photos – to your smart TV directly from your iPhone or iPad (or NAS) using the devilishly clever little gadget, Chromecast.


Google’s Chromecast dongle can display high-definition 1080p content using your television or monitor’s HDMI port. It connects to your home network using a Wi-Fi connection, requiring minimal setup. Unlike other devices, it doesn’t have a physical remote control or local storage. Setup and functionality is foolproof, and if you’re used to streaming content across several different devices, Chromecast is a blessing. And at 35€ ($35 or £30) it’s a blessing for your pockets as well.

We recently wrote a blog on the delights of Chromecast and looked into how easy it is to set up and use, you can check out our article here.

Music streaming with Deezer

C5 already supports Rdio and now we’ve added Deezer! Deezer lets you listen to your music wherever and whenever you want. Explore over 35 million tracks and 30,000 radio channels, create playlists and follow the artists you love. With Deezer’s high-quality audio stream, you’ll never miss a beat!

DLNA functionality

Our DLNA function has been revved up to an explosive level!

  • In the last update we gave the DLNA a major overhaul adding the ability to stream radio, which wasvery difficult to implement, technically. So difficult in fact, that we are the only app on the market that offers Net Radio using DLNA! Now, you can also enjoy local videos, local photos and YouTube videos on your Big Screen using DLNA. Life will never be the same again! 
  • We’ve also added a new window for controlling videos when using a DLNA video player, so you can now control the timeline. 
  • When you open C5 it will automatically select the last Server/Player you used. Handy!
  • If you previously had problems receiving feedback from your DLNA player, which made C5 crash or freeze, you’ll be pleased to hear that those days are over! It’s sorted!
  • For the Xbox fans amongst you, did you know that the Xbox One works really nicely as a DLNA player? Try it! Creation 5 manages it perfectly.



  • Finally! You can now control the position of the song that is playing. Zip, skip, jump, jive, forward or rewind. You now have the power!
  • C5 can now play loads more music formats than before 

General Performance

  • When you receive a phone call, the music will stop while you talk and then restart where it left off before you were interrupted.
  • In our quest to make C5 easier to use, we’ve added a fantastic new selection window for the iPhone. You’ll notice how easy it is to navigate.
  • We’ve also cleared the air and swatted some irritating little bugs.

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Happy Birthday – R. Kelly

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R.Kelly has just released a very typical stripper-laden birthday song and accompanying video. As per usual, the beginning of the video shows him waking up in a bed full of half-naked women. The girls of course, have perfectly done hair and makeup. (Not like they’ve had a wild crazy all-nighter or anything.)

R.Kelly has no recollection of what happened the previous night but no worries! One of his half-naked lady friends reminds him he recorded the whole thing on his brand new iPhone 6+… What then follows can only be described as ratchet.

The song’s not terrible though.
If it’s your birthday.

(To watch this video in Creation 5 just tap here.)

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Years & Years – King

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2015 is set up to be a big year for Years & Years. They just dropped the music video for their upcoming single King, slated for release on the 1st of March. The video was directed by Sia’s choreographer, Ryan Heffington and premiered on Buzzfeed.

Years & Years was named the BBCs Sound of 2015, which is an instant recipe for success. Previous winners were Ellie Goulding, 50 Cent and Sam Smith. Years & Years toured with Sam Smith last year in the U.S., and are starting their U.K. tour at the end of February.

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Chris Brown – Autumn Leaves ft. Kendrick Lamar

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The industry is abuzz with Chris Brown’s new music video for Autumn Leaves starring his on again, off again ex-girlfriend Karrueche Tran. Unfortunately, Kendrick Lamar makes no appearance in the video, despite having a lengthy rap section during the second half of the song.

(To watch Autumn Leaves in Creation 5 just tap here.)

The samurai-warrior themed love battle video strongly resembles Nicki Minaj’s Your Love music vid, released back in 2010 in which she is forced to fight a fellow female ninja warrior for the man they both desire. Nicki Minaj is beaten and is shown bleeding out in the arms of her lover at the end. In Chris Brown’s case, it’s not so much that he loses his geisha love in the music video, but he has in reality.

(To watch Your Love in Creation 5 just tap here.)

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Coldplay Live at the BBC 2014

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You don’t often see such an intimate performance by one of the globe’s biggest stadium rock acts. This rare, enchanting show given by Coldplay, at Christmas time, is certainly one to keep on record. Lucky for BBC’s Radio 2, they caught them for their very last concert of their 6th studio album Ghost Stories.

Interesting facts about one of the world’s all-time favourite band you probably didn’t know:

· The name of their band ‘Coldplay was originally called ‘Starfish.’
· The band originally consisted of two members, Jonny and Chris who formed the band back in 1996.
· There was one occasion where the band was playing in London at the O2 arena. Chris Martin ended up travelling by tube to get to his own show, and despite their being loads of fans travelling amongst him, not one person recognised him.
· For their 2001 Mylo Xyloto tour, the band spent £4.22 million on wristbands alone. These weren’t just any old wristbands though, they changed colour in time with the music.
· President Barack Obama has claimed to be a huge fan. He listens to them on his iPod.

· After they collaborated with Rihanna on Princess of China, they said she was the only artist they would ever collaborate with.

(To watch this in Creation 5 just tap here.)


1. Always in My Head
2. Charlie Brown
3. Paradise
4. Magic
5. Clocks
6. The Scientist
7. Ink
8. True Love
9. Viva La Vida
10. Midnight
11. Every Teardrop Is a Waterfall
12. Fix You
13. A Sky Full of Stars
Encore 2: 
14. Christmas Lights


Block1 Block2 Block3 Block4

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Earned It (Fifty Shades of Grey) – The Weeknd

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The first single from the Fifty Shades of Grey soundtrack is brought to you by The Weeknd. His new titillating music video Earned It, shot at the Palace Theatre in downtown L.A, features some scantily clad stage dancers… who some would say were upstaged by those chandeliers. By the looks of things, it must have been a very interesting few days on set. The Weeknd comments “I feel like the film and my music is a match made in heaven, If you listen to my album, even the past work I’ve done, it’s very Fifty Shades of Grey.” 

(To watch this video in Creation 5 just tap here.)

The erotic thriller is due to hit theatres by February 13th, just in time for Valentines’ day (Yes that was planned). The soon to be hit-movie also features yet another sexy single by The Weeknd titled Where You Belong.

Movie Tracklist:

1. I Put A Spell On You (Fifty Shades of Grey) – Annie Lennox 
2. Undiscovered – Laura Welsh 
3. Earned It (Fifty Shades Of Grey) – The Weeknd 
4. Meet Me In The Middle – Jessie Ware 
5. Love Me Like You Do – Ellie Goulding 
6. Haunted (Michael Diamond Remix) – Beyoncé 
7. Salted Wound – Sia 
8. Beast Of Burden – The Rolling Stones 
9. I’m On Fire – AWOLNATION 
10. Crazy In Love (2014 Remix) – Beyoncé 
11. Witchcraft – Frank Sinatra 
12. One Last Night – Vaults 
13. Where You Belong – The Weeknd 
14. I Know You – Skylar Grey 
15. Ana And Christian – Danny Elfman 
16. Did That Hurt? – Danny Elfman

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