She’s only 25 years old and comes from Nashville, one of the cities with most musical tradition in the United States. Chelsea Lankes, singer-songwriter, is a newcomer to the world of music who aims for the top when it comes to the quality and depth of her lyrics, accompanied by a delicious and relatable voice.

Her latest release, titled “Secret” is a wonderful and upbeat song, which is part of the unveiling of her debut album, scheduled for release next autumn.

The videoclip for “Secret” is an intimate setting, with the young artist trying to capture the levels of complicity and connection that develops between two people in love, without having to say a word – just letting themselves enjoy the silence. The scenes portray happiness and tranquillity, going hand in hand with the singer’s words “we touch and no need for speaking”. Quoting Chelsea’s interview from the Times magazine website, she adds, “It was really fun creating a world where these two characters could interact. You can see these two people in this raw state of their relationship.”

While both her professional and personal life revolves around Los Angeles, Chelsea returned to her native Nashville to record this video. Her idea being to find inspiration and recreate a typical Southern motel, a setting that she’d envisioned for this story from the very beginning.

Her first major hit online was the song “Ghost”, released in late 2013, achieving fantastic reception on SoundCloud and YouTube. “Secret” is directed by the famous filmmaker Chuck David Willis, exquisitely combining scenes to go together with Chelsea Lankes’ delicate voice and the accompanying synthesizers and guitar. Although there is a light sense of sex floating in the air and we do catch glimpses of semi-naked bodies, the resulting video is far from being explicit – which has become very common in works of this genre.

Chelsea Lankes is one of the best-kept secrets in pop music and her catchy, upbeat song “Secret” invites us to dream and expect great things from this young artist.