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What products can be controlled using the Creation 5 app?

The Creation 5 app has been developed to operate any product that supports DLNA or AirPlay – to find out more about these platforms, click the following links:

Is the app the same on both the iPad and iPhone?

The app has been designed and developed with optimized graphics and a unique user interface for each device. If you purchase the iPad version, it will not run on the iPhone and vice-versa.

What is the difference between the Freemium and Plus versions?

The Plus version is the full version of the app and has all of the current features that are available in the app. It is possible to acquire the same features by purchasing all of the In-App Purchases available for the Freemium version. However, any new features that are added in the future will be available as a new In-App Purchase – these new features will be available free of charge for Plus users.

To support ongoing development costs, the Freemium version also contains advertising.


Why do some radio stations not play with DLNA?

Each DLNA device is different and even those from the same manufacturer behave differently. Take Bang & Olufsen as an example – their DLNA products BeoSystem 4, BeoMaster, Essence and Playmaker, all recognise and playback different net radio stations. The same occurs with other manufacturers, and as far as we can see there is no rhyme or reason to it. Solution? When you find a radio station that works with your DLNA device, save it to your favourites so you can easily go back next time. There are 40,000 stations to choose from, so you’re bound to find plenty that do work with your device. In some cases the controls (volume, pause, stop) might not work – in this instance the manufacturers remote control can help.

Why does the app only show iPad under the Rooms and Music options?

You need to ensure the iPad and products you are trying to communicate with are connected to the same network – check your wifi settings on the iPad and ensure your router is operating correctly.

I cannot see any music stored on my NAS drive

Some servers display the music folders in a different way – enable and disable DLNA folder browsing to determine the best way to access your music.

BeoSound 5: I cannot see any content

If you cannot access any content, the application has not been able to connect to your BeoMaster system.

· Ensure there is power going to your BeoSound hardware and your router.
· Ensure your iPad or iPhone has wireless access.
· Close the app fully on your iPad or iPhone and re-start the app.

BeoSound 5: Some or all my cover art is missing.

This is related to the BeoSound 5 not passing the images correctly. This is normally fixed by rebuilding the music server using the following steps:

· Use the pointer to highlight MODE.
· Turn the wheel to select SETTINGS and press GO.
· Use the pointer to highlight SERVICE SETTINGS.
· Turn the wheel to select REBUILD MUSIC SERVER and press GO.
· Turn the wheel to select YES and press GO to store.

The Music Server setting is enabled, but the app still does not find the BeoSound 5

Make sure that the option called Audio Master inside your BeoSound 5 is set to YES.
If this does not resolve the problem, please check this document for a solution.

The app does not connect to my BeoSound 5

Please ensure your BeoSound 5 is enabled as a Music Server. To check this please follow these steps:
· Go to Mode on your BeoSound 5 menu.
· Press the right arrow button twice, then press the Go button.
· Select Service Settings from the list of options.
· Ensure Music Server is set to Yes.


Can I play my iTunes Playlists stored on my iPad / iPhone?

To access your iTunes Playlists simply select the iPad / iPhone as a source and the option will be displayed.

I can see the music tracks but they will not play.

Currently we support all audio formats with the exception of WMA Lossless – if the track does not play it may be recorded in this format.

Tracks that were purchased with DRM (Digital Rights Management) will need to be reloaded without DRM – this applies to music downloaded from iTunes before 2009.

I cannot fast-forward or rewind the track I am listening to.

The app does not currently support this feature, however this will be added in the future.


I can see video titles on my screen but they will not play.

Only certain video formats are supported at this time. If the video is in a format that the app does not support it will not play – it should be possible to play the video in iTunes.

We will be adding to support of video formats in the future.