Creation 5 Hot Tips: Rdio

By March 13, 2014Hot News

Access more than 20,000,000 songs using the Rdio digital music
streaming service. You get 2 weeks free subscription with Creation 5!
Choose Rdio from the main menu, then choose Music. Tap “Log in”
and either log in using Facebook, or your existing rdio account
information. Don’t have an rdio account? Click HERE to create one.
Once signed in, search for your favorite song of the moment. Press and
hold the song title and tap ‘Start Radio’. Rdio will automatically
find songs with a similar sound, and create a never-ending playlist
based on your first choice.
Creation 5 will find a YouTube video for any song you’re
listening to: press and hold the song title and choose
‘YOUTUBE VIDEO’. To download the videoclip, press and hold
the title and choose ‘DOWNLOAD’. (You’ll find the downloaded
video in your Video Favorites folder).


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