The high-octane disco-house track “Never Say Never” by Basement Jaxx now has a spectacularly insane video. It’s bizarre and brilliant at the same time, thanks to writer and director Saman Kesh. It has to be seen to be believed!

In an imaginary world where an incredible 72% of humans have stopped dancing, Jaxx Industries set out to “stimulate the world to dance again” by creating the Bluetooth-enabled, iTunes sync-able TW3RK-BOT, complete with self-lubricating, machine-washable Jaxx Buttocks. Hahahaha 🙂 we told you it had to be seen to be believed!

A team of Japanese scientists working in a futuristic space-like environment set about inventing a ‘bot’ that can twerk (surely this is bootics at this point, not robotics?). Speaking in Japanese the first scientist says: «Without dance there is no love. Without love there is no passion. Without passion there are no humans,» while the second starts reading out facts: «72% have stopped partaking in the art of dancing. And in 15 years, 98% of us will cease to dance.» (Thought-provoking stuff whilst we are all sitting on our backsides watching this video)

The video basically explores the R & D process that would be necessary in order to create a realistic bot that can twerk just like a human – from motion capture investigation through to the actual prototyping process.

Perhaps the video is a comment on our cultural obsession with twerking? Or just a bit of sci-fi fun? Either way it’s an extremely inventive and creative visual for a delicious dance track. It certainly whets the appetite for the goodies to come in the duo’s latest studio album Junto.

Never Say Never is out August 5.