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Katy Perry – This Is How We Do

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Katy Perry debuts a wacky pop art video for her new single #thisishowwedo. It’s a wonderful explosion of art, vintage fashion, pepperoni pizzas and even twerking ice creams! Some serious eye candy here!

After problems with her last video ‘Dark Horse’ which caused a lot of controversy, Katy has wisely steered away from presenting any ethnic groups, instead she has opted for pop culture references, with her Pee-Wee Herman-inspired backup dancers and vintage art-inspired outfits. We love the tribute to Aretha Franklin’s inauguration hat!

The video begins with Katy as an art masterpiece – she then circles through 5 stunning looks in just 30 seconds! She wears everything from Yves Saint Laurent’s iconic Mondrian dress to a pepperoni pizza swimsuit! Her back up dancers look pretty amazing as well – especially the super cute guys dressed in smooth grey suits and red bow ties.

Don’t worry about some of the lyrics – which are a teeny bit cringe-worthy “Now we’re talking astrology / getting our nails did all Japanese-y,” just enjoy the show! The combination of visuals and beats works really well – Katy rocks it in this video!

‘This Is How We Do’ is the fifth single from Perry’s recent chart-topping album Prism.


Bakermat – One Day (Vandaag)

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Dutch producer Lodewijk Fluttert, known by his stage name Bakermat, is on course for his first UK Top 40 hit with One Day. The track was a huge hit across Europe last year and is now breaking out of house music circles and entering the big leagues! The song samples Martin Luther King’s most famous speech “I Have a Dream”.

The song was originally released as ‘Vandaag’ in August 2012 as a single and reached the top 10 in Austria, Belgium, France and the Netherlands. It was then rereleased by Sony this year as ‘One Day (Vandaag)’ and immediately became a hit in Germany and Austria and now – it’s edging up the UK charts, currently sitting at Nº12.

Bakermats masterful use of the saxophone melody, overlaid with samples of the speech gives the track an almost ethereal feel. We interviewed Bakermat in November last year and spoke to him about the use of this famous speech: “I think it’s the best speech ever written and narrated. The speech is music itself. I thought it would be nice to ‘remix’ it and so, I started the track “Vandaag” from scratch, with only the speech to draw inspiration from. I made the chords and built stuff up around it. Martin Luther King remains one of the best speechmakers ever.”

Read the full interview here.

Upcoming Bakermat concerts:

Saturday 06 September 2014 – O2 Academy Brixton, London, UK

Saturday 20 September 2014 – L’Olympia, Paris, France

Saturday 11 October 2014 – Sunday 12 October 2014
Escape Music Festival 2014 – Pier 9, Brooklyn, NY, US

Saturday 25 October 2014 – Parc des Expositions, Caen, France

Saturday 01 November 2014 – The Garage, Glasgow, UK

Zumbao – Taboo

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El rapero estadounidense de raíces mexicanas Taboo, integrante de la conocida banda The Black Eyed Peas, presenta un movidito single en solitario titulado “Zumbao”.

El tema fue presentado justo antes del comienzo de la pasada Copa del Mundo de Fútbol de Brasil, pero es ahora cuando se ha convertido en uno de los hits que más están pegando en Latinoamérica.

El corte está compuesto por la cantante y compositora ecuatoriana, ganadora de un Grammy Latino, Paulina Aguirre. Taboo hace un homenaje a sus raíces latinas en “Zumbao” donde menciona a grandes estrellas del espectáculo sudamericanas tan populares como El Chavo del Ocho, Juan Gabriel o Marco Antonio Solís. Según sus propias palabras, es una forma de contar a través de la música como fue su infancia como niño latino en California.

Jaime Luis Gómez, o lo que es lo mismo Taboo, se hizo tremendamente popular a inicios de los noventa y durante la primera década del 2000 formando parte de Los Black Eyed Peas. Actualmente su fama no ha decaído ni un ápice y se encuentra entre los 10 raperos mejor pagados en 2014 según la revista People with Money, con ganancias que rondan los 46 millones de dólares. Con el lanzamiento de este single en solitario se coloca al nivel de otros de sus compañeros de la banda como Fergie,,, que ya tienen varios trabajos y colaboraciones en el mercado.

Con 39 años recién cumplidos, y padre de 3 hijos, Taboo ha declarado recientemente que “Zumbao” le ha servido para volver a poner los pies en la tierra y salir de un modo de vida marcado por las drogas y el alcohol. Unos hábitos que estaban acabando con su vida personal y profesional, como cuenta en su biografía “Cayendo hacia arriba: Mi historia”.

Tras colaboraciones con gente como Sie7e, la estrella mexicana Paulina Rubio en su hit “Hoy me toca a mí” y la reciente gira “Taboo Experience”, con la que el rapero ha recorrido los mejores clubes del mundo, Taboo vuelve a ser actualidad con “Zumbao”, mientras que sigue dando forma a “Tabmagnetic”, lo que presumiblemente será su primer trabajo en larga duración.

Tony Bennett & Lady Gaga
– Anything Goes

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It’s Jazz time baby! Lady Gaga reveals her incredible voice in this first single from her joint album with Tony Bennett, ‘Cheek to Cheek’. “No autotune. No tricks. Pure jazz,” Lady Gaga tweeted.

Most people are unaware of the fact that Lady Gaga has been performing jazz numbers since age 13. Tony Bennett said: “I don’t understand why she had to make contemporary music! When she sings great standards, she does it with such emotion… It will surprise people by the quality of her voice when making quality songs. We sing a duet again on the album, but also separately. With this album, I think she will become bigger than Elvis Presley! Of course we recorded the album in New York. As the saying goes: ‘If you can make it in New York, you’ll make it anywhere.”

Gaga commented on the collaboration “Cheek To Cheek came out of a very organic friendship and relationship that Tony and I have built over the years and it truly was a collaborative effort. It was important to Tony that this was a jazz record. I’ve been singing jazz since I was a child and really wanted to show the authentic side of the genre. We made an album of jazz classics, but it has a modern twist.”

“I love everything about working with Tony – he’s such a legend, and because of that I get to learn so much when we sing together. We met 3 or 4 years years ago and started recording Cheek to Cheek a couple of years ago.”

The unusual pair first collaborated in 2011 with “The Lady Is a Tramp” for Tony Bennett’s Grammy Award-winning album Duets II. They have performed together many times this year including an appearance at the Montreal Jazz Festival.

Cheek to Cheek features jazz musicians that are associated with both artists, including Gray Sargent, Mike Renzi, Harold Jones and Marshall Wood. Jazz soloists include tenor saxophonist Joe Lovano and flautist Paul Horn, who passed away earlier this month, according to a press release. The album features such standards as “It Don’t Mean A Thing (If It Ain’t Got That Swing),” “Lush Life,” “Sophisticated Lady,” and more.

Appearing yesterday (July 29) on the ‘Today Show’ they announced that the album will finally be released on September 23 – although the single ‘Anything Goes’ is now available on iTunes.


Jessie J, Ariana Grande, Nicki Minaj – Bang Bang

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The long-awaited collaboration between the powerhouse trio Jessie J, Ariana Grande and Nicki Minaj is finally here!

This dance anthem is everything fans had hoped for, and more. It’s upbeat, fun and is full of powerhouse vocals, big bouncy beats and horn blasts. It was produced by Max Martin, Savan Kotecha and Ilya, the same team that worked on Ariana Grande’s recent chart topper, ‘Problem’.

The song basically explains why they are better than the other ladies out there…(does anyone need convincing?) “She mighta let you hold her hand in school, but I’mma show you how to graduate,” Ariana belts outs. Later Minaj raps “Queen Nicki dominant / Prominent / It’s me, Jessie, and Ari / If they test me they sorry.” We love one of Jessie’s line: “She got a body like an hour glass but I can give it to you all the time!”

While Ariana and Nicki are both Queens of Pop in the US, Jessie J has not yet reached their dazzling heights.  However, ‘Bang Bang’ has enough star power and radio-playability to make a real impression for her stateside.

‘Bang Bang’ was released today (July 29) through Republic Records, the label that houses all three artists, and serves as a joint single. It is the lead single from Jessie’s upcoming third solo album and will also feature on the deluxe version of Ariana’s ‘My Everything’, slated for release on August 25.

Jessie J opened up about her new album today whilst chatting to Capital FM about ‘Bang Bang’: “This is the album to make a change, I feel like that’s what this album is about for me. I’ve learnt a lot, I’ve had my ups and my downs and I feel like the third album is always the one where you feel like your feet are found,” Jessie explained. “I feel like I really know what I stand for now, and what makes me, me!”


Pharrell Williams – Come Get It Bae

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Pharrell Williams has dropped his new music video for his unbelievably catchy ‘Come Get It Bae’, featuring a bevy of beautiful dancing models – including Miley Cyrus.

Pharrell has worked with Miley before, producing tracks for her Nº 1 album Bangerz. He posted the video on Twitter and said “Thank you to my lil sis @MileyCyrus. All we know how to do is be silly and have fun”.

That’s pretty much the feeling you get from this music video – being silly and having fun! Full of feel-good vibes with some great dancing and hugging going on, the clip sees Pharrell holding a dance audition with group of beautiful girls taking turns to dance. Pharrell hanging out with gorgeous girls again! 🙂 Midway through the clip Miley joins in the fun looking cute, relaxed and comfortable. Not a twerk in sight!

With regards to the song title ‘Come Get it Bae’ we were puzzled for a minute – what is a bae? Although it stands for ‘Before Anyone Else’ (according to the Urban Dictionary) it also means baby, sweetie, boo – that kind of thing. We do admire Pharrell’s commitment to women – and love the fact that the dancing ladies in the video are all sorts of shapes and sizes. The clip starts with the quote “Beauty has no expiration date.”

The track is the third single to be lifted from Pharrell’s Nº 1 G I R L album, written and co-produced by Pharrell himself and is set for UK release on August 31.

In other Pharrell related news:
– The feel good anthem ‘Happy’ has become the fourth single to be declared triple platinum in 20 years, meaning it has achieved 1.8m sales.
– Alicia Keys will serve as his team’s mentor on “The Voice” this autumn.

Colin Barlow, managing director of RCA record label, said: “Pharrell is one of the most innovative producers, writers and performers to emerge from the world of music in the last 20 years.”

Robyn & Röyksopp – Do It Again

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Ecstasy, agitation, danger, love and revolution all feature in Robyn & Röyksopp’s epic new music video for Do It Again, filmed in Mexico.

Swedish pop queen Robyn and the Norwegian production duo Röyksopp – that some are calling “The electro-pop pairing of the year” – have delivered a powerful and dramatic video that goes so well with their equally powerful and dramatic single.

Director Martin de Thurah said: “I worked with the idea of ‘what is our heart’s desire?’—and I realised that no one in the world truly gets to live out their passions. We are all under some construct, whether you’re an atheist living in Denmark or a gay person in Russia.”

Although Robyn & Röyksopp are in the video, they’re just bit players in a much wider story. The sentiment that they embrace in this cinematic video could be summed up by the statement “Love is Revolutionary thing”.

Following along from their last video clip Sayit, the video is shot in black and white and follows the story of 3 groups: a group of rebels storming a castle, a pair of lovers, and a woman struggling out of a hospital bed.

For such a great dance track the video is quite surprising – most people would expect something a little more lighthearted than the music of a revolution. When “Robyn posted the video she commented: “This video stirs up a feeling of chaos which is what we talked about quite a bit when we wrote ‘Do It Again’.”

Do it Again has to be one of 2014’s best EPs – it’s a five-track, collaborative mini-album and the title track Do It Again is the latest single from the EP.

Basement Jaxx – Never Say Never ft. ETML

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The high-octane disco-house track “Never Say Never” by Basement Jaxx now has a spectacularly insane video. It’s bizarre and brilliant at the same time, thanks to writer and director Saman Kesh. It has to be seen to be believed!

In an imaginary world where an incredible 72% of humans have stopped dancing, Jaxx Industries set out to “stimulate the world to dance again” by creating the Bluetooth-enabled, iTunes sync-able TW3RK-BOT, complete with self-lubricating, machine-washable Jaxx Buttocks. Hahahaha 🙂 we told you it had to be seen to be believed!

A team of Japanese scientists working in a futuristic space-like environment set about inventing a ‘bot’ that can twerk (surely this is bootics at this point, not robotics?). Speaking in Japanese the first scientist says: “Without dance there is no love. Without love there is no passion. Without passion there are no humans,” while the second starts reading out facts: “72% have stopped partaking in the art of dancing. And in 15 years, 98% of us will cease to dance.” (Thought-provoking stuff whilst we are all sitting on our backsides watching this video)

The video basically explores the R & D process that would be necessary in order to create a realistic bot that can twerk just like a human – from motion capture investigation through to the actual prototyping process.

Perhaps the video is a comment on our cultural obsession with twerking? Or just a bit of sci-fi fun? Either way it’s an extremely inventive and creative visual for a delicious dance track. It certainly whets the appetite for the goodies to come in the duo’s latest studio album Junto.

Never Say Never is out August 5.

Clean Bandit – Come Over

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Watch Clean Bandit’s beautiful new video for ‘Come Over’ ft amazing UK reggae artist Stylo G. Be swept away to the frozen wilderness of the Arctic Circle and the sunshine of the Sahara.

The song has a wonderful carnival-like spirit – it’s a great dance number – you’ll fall in love with it before the end of the track! The single is taken from their debut album New Eyes, which is taking the world by storm.

Clean Bandit’s Grace Chatto explains, ‘It’s a song we collaborated on with the amazing UK reggae artist Stylo G. Making the track was a great experience. Stylo is hugely talented and whenever he walks into a room – either at rehearsals or in studio – his massive energy infects us all. He has this amazing charisma and is willing to do anything! He even took extra riding lessons especially for the video! There are some bashment elements in the drums, as well as a big violin line and steel pans; instruments we’ve used quite widely across our album New Eyes.’

As per usual the band filmed, directed, produced, and star in the video themselves. They are getting pretty good at this! Grace talks about the video: “We shot the video in two contrasting locations – Svalbard, a Norwegian island cluster in the Arctic Circle and Marrakech in Morocco. We wanted the contrast for the video of switching between the warm and cold climates, but also for the locations to have a unique identity about them as well. Svalbard has this incredible arctic desert, whilst Marrakech is the complete opposite with the Sahara and the Medina.”

2014 is a pretty good year for Clean Bandit. Their single “Rather Be” went to Nº1 on the UK singles charts and stayed there for 4 weeks, plus made the Top 10 in 25 countries. So far it’s sold over a million copies.

Clean Bandit are: Milan Neil Amin-Smith (Strings), Grace Chatto (Strings/Vocals), Jack Patterson (Bass, Sax, Decks) and Luke Patterson (drums).

Clean Bandit’s ‘Come Over’ is officially released on August 11.

Rixton – Me and My Broken Heart

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Congratulations to Rixton who have stormed straight to Nº1 on the UK Singles Charts with their debut release, Me And My Broken Heart.

The song is an upbeat, Maroon-5-ish groove that does not in the least bit suggest the breaking of any heart strings, apart from it’s title. The music video is intelligent and refreshingly humorous – in the style of a mini-movie.

The UK band, made up of frontman Jake Roche (vocals and guitar), Charley Bagnall (guitar), Danny Wilkin (bass and keyboard) and Lewi Morgan (drums) are celebrating their Nº1 by each having a matching broken heart tattoo to mark the occasion. Jake’s is going on his bicep, Charley’s will be inked on his rib, Lewi’s on his thumb and Danny’s will be going on his thigh, “so he will be able to hide it from [his] parents”.

“Being Number 1 is probably the biggest thing ever that has happened to us in our lives!” a thrilled Jake Roche told “And it means a lot because it’s in our home country, and that’s something that’s been the main goal for us, to really make an impact. It’s a dream. Thank you to everyone who has bought it for your support.”

Interesting fact: Frontman Jake Roche is the son of Shane Richie and former Nolan’s singer, Coleen Nolan. Although hs parents must be over the moon with his success, perhaps they might be a teeny bit jealous as well – Shane’s highest charting single was his cover of WHAM!’s I’m Your Man, which reached Nº2 in 2003 and the Nolans’ ‘I’m in The Mood For Dancing’ peaked at Nº3 in 1979. Jake is so sweet that his official Number 1 Award will be going to live on his Mum’s Mantlepiece.

The charismatic four-piece are getting a bit fed up with being called a boy band – although technically that’s what they are, of course. So how are they learning to live with the title? “We realised boybands get a lot of women.” Enough said!