Katy Perry debuts a wacky pop art video for her new single #thisishowwedo. It’s a wonderful explosion of art, vintage fashion, pepperoni pizzas and even twerking ice creams! Some serious eye candy here!

After problems with her last video ‘Dark Horse’ which caused a lot of controversy, Katy has wisely steered away from presenting any ethnic groups, instead she has opted for pop culture references, with her Pee-Wee Herman-inspired backup dancers and vintage art-inspired outfits. We love the tribute to Aretha Franklin’s inauguration hat!

The video begins with Katy as an art masterpiece – she then circles through 5 stunning looks in just 30 seconds! She wears everything from Yves Saint Laurent’s iconic Mondrian dress to a pepperoni pizza swimsuit! Her back up dancers look pretty amazing as well – especially the super cute guys dressed in smooth grey suits and red bow ties.

Don’t worry about some of the lyrics – which are a teeny bit cringe-worthy “Now we’re talking astrology / getting our nails did all Japanese-y,” just enjoy the show! The combination of visuals and beats works really well – Katy rocks it in this video!

‘This Is How We Do’ is the fifth single from Perry’s recent chart-topping album Prism.