The First Lady of Funk showed off her killer dance moves last week when she appeared on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon for the Evolution of Mom Dancing. As part of the 5th anniversary of Let’s Move! and the #GimmeFive challenge, Michelle Obama challenged Jimmy Fallon to share five new mom dances. Fallon donned his best pink cardigan, white sneakers and ‘mom’ wig to join Mrs Obama for a full 2 plus minutes of cardio.

The dance moves are hilarious – like the “Shush and Tush,” the “Getting a Bag From Your Collection of Plastic Bags Under the Sink,” and the “Oh, My God! I Didn’t Know You Were Coming Here!” It was only when Fallon did the ‘Barak Obama’, making fun of her husband’s dance moves, that Mrs Obama drew the line.

Five years ago Mrs Obama launched Lets Move! a nationwide campaign to set children on the right course for a healthy future – or as their tagline says “America’s Move to Raise a Healthier Generation of Kids”. You can find out more about this campaign on the Let’s Move! website.

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