Jack White has released an awesome interactive video for his latest single That Black Cat Licorice. It’s actually 3 videos in one and you can flip between the videos as the song plays. You can change the video by holding down the ‘3’ or ‘B’ keys on your keyboard.

If you just hit play without pressing 3 or B, you will see a surreal animated video, directed by James Blagden, which shows White attempting to seduce an Egyptian Queen, cutting out his tongue and lots of crazy dancing bats.

If you hit the 3 on your keyboard whilst watching you’ll watch a live-action, moody video, directed by and starring White himself. If you hold down the B key whilst watching you’ll see another live-action video, directed by Brad Holland, that is basically just slow-mo footage of people head banging. Swapping between the 3 and B keys makes for really interesting viewing, they mix so well together, playing in conjunction perfectly.

The track is from White’s latest album Lazaretto, which was released almost a year ago and is still going strong.

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