Have a problem with your body image? Meghan Trainor’s debut single “All About That Bass” should help. Tons of airplay and a general buzz about the track have sent it straight to the top of the iTunes charts and to Nº8 on the Billboard Hot 100.

The pastel-pink, adorable video stars Meghan and a sassy troupe of dancers who have no problem flaunting “all the right junk in all the right places.” Also featuring in this clip is Vine superstar Sione Maraschino – watch the video and you’ll see that he can shake his booty just as well as the ladies!

Meghan Trainor is a singer-songwriter from Nashville and this debut single is bringing her into the realm of pop star. The positive message behind the song is so needed these days: It doesn’t matter what your body type is, as long as you know how to work what you’ve got. “I’m here to tell you that every inch of you is perfect from the bottom to the top!”. The song is very retro, R&B with a Motown blend.

Meghan, in a interview with Billboard magazine, said that she wrote the song for herself: “I wrote it for me, as well, because I’ve struggled with [body image] since I was very young. And, my best friend is a beautiful goddess, but she’ll pick on herself in the mirror. “My forehead’s too big,” or, “My shoulders go out too far …” So, if other girls can relate to the song, it makes me feel even better. It’s unreal that I’m kind of helping people.”

“I saw a feature on The Ellen DeGeneres Show about that model who was Photoshopped to have extra-long arms. I was like, this is getting out of control. Someone needs to say something! So, when I got my record deal, and with this song, I was like, perfect, I have the opportunity to say something to the world. I’ll take it. This is the best message I could say.”

All About That Bass debuts at No. 13 on Streaming Songs with 4.2 million plays (up 141 percent) and posts the biggest jump of the week on the radio-based Pop Songs chart (37-23, up 77% in plays). Meghan has seen a 68 percent rise in new Twitter followers last week alone and a 433% gain in Twitter mentions! She’s hot!

Meghan has been writing songs since she was 11 years old. She released her debut album in 2011 – “I’ll Sing With You”, but it wasn’t till this year that she found fame. L.A. Reid heard Trainor’s demo of “All About That Bass” and immediately signed her to Epic Records.