Rihanna played a hilarious prank on Jimmy Kimmel last week. The night before her appearance on his late night talk show, she snuck into his house at 1am and blasted her new single Bitch Better Have My Money, whilst jumping all over his bed! It was all organised with the help of his wife Molly McNearney.

Rihanna was dressed all in black, along with her backing dancers and crew and you see them arriving at Kimmel’s house at 1:05 am. “OK, I’m gonna go wake up Jimmy now. Wish me luck,” she said before heading straight into his bedroom and belting out Bitch Better Have My Money, whilst throwing what looked like 100 dollar bills at him and jumping all over his nice white bed!

It was ostensibly an April Fool’s joke – Rihanna’s is a big fan of Jimmy’s April Fools Pranks and she said that if she was going on the couch, then she wanted to get him back. Well, she certainly managed that! Even though you feel sorry for Jimmy – being woken up in bed like that – you can’t stop laughing!

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