The 3rd part of Sia’s innovative video trilogy with “Dance Moms” star Maddie Ziegler has landed and WOW. Big Girls Cry is raw, powerful and a tad uncomfortable to watch. Some have called it ‘eerie’ and others ’tear-jerking’ but whatever you think of it there is no doubt that it’s a very human and powerful piece of film. Music website Fuse said Big Girls Cry could be the 39-year-old Australian’s most personal music video to date.

Big Girls Cry is the latest cut from Sia’s chart topping album 1000 Forms of Fear. Directed by Daniel Askill (who also co-directed the first two parts of the trilogy – Chandelier and Elastic Heart) Ziegler performs an interpretive dance that seems way beyond her 12 years. You mostly only see her from the shoulders up, but she manages to create as much magic as she did with her whole body in Chandelier.

Over the past year Sia has managed to create one of the most innovative pop campaigns we have ever witnessed. In 2013 she opted out of the whole ‘fame’ game saying it was like “an abusive mother-in-law”. She removed her face from all publicity materials and if she performs live you only get to see her back. Ziegler has become Sia’s face.

One of our favourite comments on YouTube said: Don’t try to find a meaning… Relax… Enjoy… Open your heart…And if you like it it’s ok…And if you don’t like it it’s ok…

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