Top 10 Music Videos Featuring Doggies

By November 18, 2014Featured, Music

If you’re an animal lover, you’re certainly going to appreciate this list of music videos we’ve put together starring man’s best friend. A great deal of training went in to some of them, a great deal of comedy went into others, but a great deal of cuteness is present in all of them.

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1.) OK Go – White Knuckles

OK Go never fail to impress with their brilliantly choreographed one-take music videos and catchy anthem-like tracks. They really went up a level with this one though as it features a bevy of incredibly well trained rescue dogs… and a goat.

2.) Tokyo Police Club – Wait Up (Boots of Danger)

All the neighbourhood hounds rally up to this alternative rock backdrop. They break into somebody’s back garden and end up throwing themselves a pool party. It’s a dogs life!

3.) Swedish House Mafia – Save The World

A possy of practically perfect pedigree pooches prowl the urban sprawl in the dark of night, stopping the bad guys and protecting the innocent. They’re out to save the world one heroic act at a time. You’ve never seen a set of more adorable vigilantes.

4.) Sympathie (Original) – Herr Tischbein

German musician Herr Tischbein got the mixture of trumpets, comedy and canine just about right in this classy vid. He definitely set out to put a smile on the viewers face, and so far he’s been very successful. Guaranteed to make you giggle.

5.) Baha Men – Who Let The Dogs Out

We’ve all seen it, we’ve all heard it… and it’s packed full of four legged furry’s! It had to go on the list.

6.) Dogs Sing For A Cure – We Could Be Heroes

This very sweet, light hearted and cleverly done rendition of We Could Be Heroes was made to raise awareness for pet cancer. Not only is it definitely worth a watch, it’s also worth donating to the charity who organised it’s production:

7.) WIll Young – Come On

Will Young starts off being embarrassed by his seemingly not-so-well trained show dog at a very important competition. As the video goes on, the greatest thing happens. This could be classified as a tear jerker… You’ve been warned.

8.) Fall Out Boy – Take Over, The Breaks Over

The bulldog featured in this one gets showered with a plethora of bones – yay! Then some mailmen show up and start breakdancing, as they do… and then some sexy human kittens in heals pop up and start grinding on each other, as per usual. Safe to say the dog is confused, or so we think. Wait, is that band member wearing a steak? Keep watching to see how this bulldog ends up saving the day. More doggy power!

9.) Allison Weiss – Making It Up

This is a cute video showing how if you get dumped, your dog will be there for you. But remember, he’s still a dog, and not a boyfriend replacement. Don’t be too upset when he doesn’t appreciate you getting him a takeaway coffee at the park. He’s going to want to run around at some point!

10.) Mayer Hawthorne – Her Favorite Song

The cool dawgs in this set are running the nightlife; deejaying, bartending, piano playing, drinking hard liquor and getting lucky with the ladies… or at least trying to.

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