CREATION Wallpad Touch

The Creation Wallpad Touch, only 10 cm high and incorporating the unique Creation scrolling menu, brings a new dimension to home control. Activated with a simple wave of the hand the Wallpad´s innovative touch-screen technology brings your home to life.

Available in a metallic palette of colours, the Wallpad Touch seamlessly brings together function and beauty.

Seductively combining luxury and elegance in a single device, the Wallpad Touch enables multiple wall controls to be replaced by a single controller. Lights are activated by a simple tap on the smooth, brushed aluminium surface.

It’s the world’s most elegant controller.

A new dimension in Home Control

  • Control of Lights, Curtains, Audio, HVAC through a single wall control
  • POE – power over ethernet – 1 Cat5E cable
  • Touch-screen control
  • Light switch integrated on Aluminium surface
  • High quality brushed Aluminium finish with different colour options
  • Saves space, cost and installation time

“The world’s most elegant controller”