The Creation Wallpad has a user interface that can communicate with most of the top Home Integration manufacturers, eliminating the need for multiple wall controls. The LC display allows you to select the lights, draw the curtains, adjust the air conditioning or play your favourite music. You can also personalise the look of your Wallpad with your favourite photographs.

The Creation Wallpad breaks with conventional thinking to deliver a unique design that makes a statement about you, bringing effortless glamour to your home or yacht. All it takes is a swipe of the hand to light up your home and add a little music to match the moment. The Wallpad’s brushed aluminium surface is available in a subtle range of colours and discreetly ringed with Swarovski crystals. Home control has never looked so stylish.

Effortless glamour for your home or yacht

  • Control of Lights, Curtains, Audio, HVAC through a single wall control
  • POE – power over ethernet – 1 Cat5E cable
  • Contemporary Circular Styling with optional Swarovski Crystal inset
  • High quality Aluminium finish with different colour options
  • Saves space, cost and installation time

“Powerful Control, Luxurious Design”